zeldox ziprasidone hcl



Ziprasidone ought not be taken by any individual who:


  • Has or has a past filled with QT prolongation (counting inherent long QT disorder)
  • Has as of late shown at least a bit of kindness assault
  • Has serious heart disappointment.




Zeldox Ziprasidone HCL has a place with the class of solutions called antipsychotics. It is utilized to control the warning of schizophrenia and the hyper period of bipolar issue. It works by modifying the adjust of chemicals in the cerebrum that are associated with schizophrenia.

This medication might be accessible under various brand names like Pfizer or potentially in a few unique structures. A particular brand name of this remedy may not be accessible in the max of the structures or endorsed for the great number of the conditions talked about here. Also, a few types of this prescription may not be utilized for the majority of the settings talked about here.

Your consultant may have proposed this Ziprasidone pfizer  for conditions other than those recorded in these medication data articles. In the event that you have not talked about this with your attending physician or don’t know why you are taking this medicine, address your doctor. Try not to quit taking this pharmaceutical without counseling your specialist.

Try not to give this solution to any other person, regardless of whether they have an indistinguishable side effects from you do. It can be hurtful for individuals to take this prescription if their specialist has not recommended it.

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