Anabolic Steroids

What is Steroids?

It enough to know that Anabolic steroids use in the field of news headlines and sports, as athletes and bodybuilders, use them. To keep the law in the field.
Anabolic hormones are agents of mouth or by injection or into the endocrine system. The production of testosterone increases through Anabolic injection into the body.
The charge is the use of steroids to increase muscle mass.
Tablet Steroids refers to this ability to build muscles.
Injection Steroids is not mix up with metabolic corticosteroids. which are commonly used as anti-inflammatory drugs. Treat the inflammation that is part of the disease, the disease process.
The men’s fellowship, in the use of infrequently, when the Tablet steroids. which he exaggerates the athlete’s performance, and it is now in high school begins with the exploitation of these new drugs,

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